Specific high performance solutions for passive fire protection, thermal and acoustic insulation of industrial equipment, power plants, petrochemical industries, marine and off-shore application.   
WELDING division
High technology welding equipments for the automotive, industrial, shipbuilding and ship automation solutions with dedicated and proprietary processes to improve quality standards and increase productivity.   
BUILDING division
A full range of cast iron and galvanized steel products for drainage systems, fences and nets for construction, agriculture and gardening, scaffolding accessories, hydrogeological solutions for soil protection, thermal-acoustic insulation products, as well as components in wrought iron and stainless steel.   
FIRETECH division
A wide range of tested solutions according to the new european regulations for fire protection of steel and concrete walls and light weight walls, ceilings, ventilation ducts and penetration ceilings.   

Link Industries Spa

Link Industries S.p.A., established in 1995, manufactures and distributes materials for building construction, with a complete line of products for drainage, fences and nets, solutions for thermo-acoustic insulation, fire protection and high technology welding equipments. Link Industries active in the Far East and Europe for over 20 years, has offices in Beijing, Genoa and main warehouse in Alessandria, Italy.

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