Multiprocess in a modular format? FastMig M

At a complicated question rarely it is offered a simple answer.

In this case it is very simple: multiprocess in a modular format? FastMig M

FastMig M is a multi-process industrial welding experience that achieves the highest expression through a kit designed to offer the maximum: WiseFusion - WisePenetration- SuperSnake GT02- FastMig control cable technology M

It is suitable for working in shipyards, earth moving machines, pressure tanks and boilers and in any other range of demanding industrial applications, providing a 30% increase in welding speed, improved adaptability.

For more information:  FastMig M a new generation of heavy-duty industrial machines

Happy Holidays!

The Link team, glad to have collaborated with you this year, wishes Happy Holidays!

Please note that the offices and the warehouse will be closed for holidays from December 24th to January 6th.

Thermal bridge areas

Heat dispersion, energy inefficiency, constructive discontinuities, reduced living comfort are some aspects that are felt in  thermal bridge areas.

These areas, if not properly designed, cause  various problems:

  • hygienic-sanitary, because of the unevenness temperatures can create large areas of condensation and damp that promote the proliferation of bacteria by reducing the healthiness of the indoor parts;
  • structural, over time the different thermal expansion of different materials in contact with each other leads to small movements that can cause detachment and formation of cracks, with the consequent degradation of the materials used;
  • energy, as per the losses due to thermal bridges have a significant impact on the increase consumption for heating in the cold season and cooling in the hot season.

For more information: Link Industries: le zone di ponte termico e l'involucro edilizio

ISO Certificate 9001:2015

We are pleased to inform you that our Certificate ISO 9001: 2015 n. IT09 / 1042, now in sixth rev, is available online in the download area (ISO Certificate IT09 / 1042)

We are at tenth year of quality certification for the services provided: satisfying the customer in terms of reliability, assistance and availability, in the search for the best solutions, has always been our goal.

What is it innovation?

Innovation is commonly defined as "the act of introducing new systems, new systems, new production methods": a transformation that radically changes or provokes an effective modernization of a production method or a technique.

For Link innovation is, FastMig X , a highly advanced solution with modularity and intelligent functions.

Read more on: Innovation for  Link  Show more

Restructuring increasing efficiency and functionality

The primary interest of each owner is that their investment is functional, efficient and advantageous. To obtain such a performance, plays a decisive role the performance of the building envelope that they must guarantee a wholesomeness of the indoor parts and the longevity of the systems.

For more information click here: Ristrutturare incrementando efficienza e funzionalità  Show more

The pleasure to meet at H2O

"H2O" has just ended a few days ago, the important international water fair that talks about creativity, sustainability and innovation in the field of technologies, treatments and distribution. A prestigious showcase, dedicated not only to the sector operators, but also to all innovation and management industrial and agricultural networks stakeholder.

"We value water" was the leitmotiv of the event, a shared thought in different areas, from civil to industrial. A very important element for Link, that presented itself to H2O, with its best selection of Cast Iron Manhole Covers and  Grids, Galvanized light duty grating.

As always, Link had the great pleasure of meeting, sharing information and dealing with all professionals in the sector. The stand C57, in Hall 21, was designed to offer guests a meeting point to exchange ideas, interests and opinions among all those who in recent years have shared and appreciated the technical choices made.

Pleased to have participated in an event with those who share the same passion, Link thanks all those who have visited with a pleasant turnout.

Read more on: Forma e materia ad H2O and Il piacere di incontrarsi ad H2O

It is a matter of class

Modern construction can be defined not only by triumphs of contemporary architecture but also by ever-developing installation technologies. From heating and water pipes to smoke and exhaust pipes and chimneys, from HVAC equipment to ventilation ducts – installation systems perform many roles in terms of a building’s proper functionality; fire safety being one of the most important. Why should proper technical insulation be given priority when speaking about buildings’ passive fire protection?

For more information:  Show more

Mesh panel: Product highlights for Edilbuild

Coating and support are the basic elements of a paving which must be carefully designed: the coating is the surface of the floor layer, the support is the set of underlying layers to the coating which combine to form the floor (substrate and concrete reinforcement).

Read more on  Show more

“Let's meet with you 2018” - second edition - at the new Mac Welding headquarters

To believe in the strength team, to provide knowledge and skills, create awareness among the team has been an integral part of the project work. A program designed in order to provide not only technical and commercial data but also the necessary synergy to work well in the team and for the team.

Present at H2O fair!

ACCADUEO is the trade fair of the water supply that gives value to this capital resource.

See you at the Hall 21 - stand C57 - from 17 to 19 October in Bologna

An event you cannot miss! 

Open day Mac Welding 21-22 Settembre

an event in the new headquarters in via Ernesto Breda 152 Milan


Let's meet with you!

In full swing the second edition of "Let's meet you!"

This year at the new Mac Welding headquarters,on 13 and 14 September

Don't miss!

PARAFON STEP - Architectural and creative acoustic ceilings

PARAFON STEP is an acoustic ceiling solution that offers expansive opportunities to create attractive and unique interiors where the suspended ceiling not only serves as a neutral base, but also contributes to the decor of the room and enhances the overall experience.

Paroc has teamed up with the architectural firm Bornstein Lyckefors to develop the PARAFON Step concept. The basic thinking behind the concept is simple. We work with acoustic tiles in various formats and with three different height options. The different heights and geometric forms provide countless possible combinations, while your choice of colour also gives you further possibilities to create your own unique acoustic ceiling.  Show more

The WiseRoot + process

During welding process, in the filling passages, the mechanized or automated orbital technique is often used with flux cored and mixture of CO2 or argon/CO2: the welding is typically performed using the technique of ascent in position 6-12 hours with oscillation.

Link is pleased to present the innovative WiseRoot + short arc process for first pass welding without support.

Now, with WiseRoot + process involves very precise real time measurement of voltage (voltage sensing cable), which serves as the input for the current control. Once the power source has recognised a short circuit, a controlled increase in current triggers the transfer of a droplet of filler metal from the wire.

When the current measurement is exactly right, the current is dropped, before the filler-metal droplet falls and a short circuit ends. A short circuit ending at a point of low current produces smooth transfer of filler metal, with no spatter. After the short circuit is broken, a pulse is created in the current that heats the welding pool, but it does not cause transfer of filler metal.

The innovative WiseRoot + process offers excellent welding performance in all positions and over a wide range of materials; a suitable welding programme is selected on the basis of the filler-metal wire and shielding gas used.  After this, the welder selects the desired wire feed rate. In addition, the welder can use a fine-tuning option to adjust the heat input and thus penetration.

In numerical terms WiseRoot + means:

50% SAVINGS WORKING COSTS FOR WELDED METERS - This is the result of the translation speed and the ability to decrease the angle of caulking. A narrow angle of caulking means that only one passage of filler material and cover is needed.

50% SAVINGS COST OF THE SUBSIDIARY MATERIAL - Since you have been able to narrow the angle of caulking from 60 ° to 50 °, the area to be filled is considerably smaller and this leads to a reduction of more 50% in the consumption of filler material.

40% SAVING MATERIAL - In the case of a longitudinal welding of the tree tube, it was possible to decrease the angle of caulking from 60 ° to 35 ° and achieve 40% of material savings and a very high welding speed.

So, you just have to contact us and try it!

For more information: Link Industries presenta il processo WiseRoot +

"Feel weld!" 3 - WE WILL BE WE!

The Welding Italian Institute, through the organization of the third edition of "Feel Weld!", a day dedicated to "Recent developments and addresses for robotics, sensors and artificial intelligence applied to welding", wants to focus on the aspects that Fourth Industrial Revolution make these innovative solutions in the welding manufacturing processes more and more indispensable.

"Feel weld!" 3 will be held on May 31, 2018 in Milan at the headquarters of UCIMU - Systems to produce - Milan Metropolitan Area (Cinisello Balsamo).


You tailored grid!

The grid is a rectilinear group consisting of two plates contained by a border that is distinguished in:

• the supporting plate is the one with the largest dimension suitable for unloading weight on the edging;

• the connecting plate (or secondary) is the one that connects and unites the load-bearing plates, unloading the weight on them and making them solid.

The grid can be contained in a frame for the intended use, whose function is to interpose between the grid and the product on which it will be supported.

The different production process distinguishes the grids in three types:

• electro-welded - smooth and twisted connecting rounds sold welded to the bearings .;

• pressed - the connecting plates are interlocked by means of special grooves arranged mechanically by very high pressure;

• printed -  is formed by punching a pre-galvanized steel sheet obtained through the cutting processes.

Link, thanks to its long experience in the sector, is able to develop a wide range of customizations, while a series of steel grids, pressed (with or without frame), hot-dip galvanized according to the UNI EN standard are always available in stock ISO 1461, standard mesh (33x33 mm) and light duty heel proof (33x11 mm) as a selection proposed by our technicians.

The range of sizes available, the various possibilities for customization, durability and a marked aesthetic taste make these products widely used in various applications. For more information please contact us.

Read also: LINK Industries: la griglia su misura

EL.SA Open day

On Friday 13 and Saturday 14 April, EL.SA. invites you to discover the latest welding news!

Canale – V. Monteu Roero, 116

Don't miss!

Seatec 2018

In Carrara, from 5th to 7th April, opens the doors Seatec,

the international fair of technologies and subcontracting for shipbuilding and pleasure craft. Now its 16th edition. It is held jointly with Compotec, the international fair dedicated to composite materials and related technologies.

We'll be there! Come and visit us!  Hall D - Stand 930


Hypatia de Alejandria, our case history.

A wonderful LNG ferry, commissioned by Baleària, built by the Visentini Shipyard and equipped with NAVIS Link  Show more

GSGEN grids, water and energy

In the world the availability of water is enormous, but only about 3% is represented by fresh water (ground and surface water) whose withdrawals increase progressively. In fact, the theme of a correct and efficient management of the water resource becomes a recurrent topic and in several sector studies: we can read that water is now considered a precious and increasingly "scarce" good. In the analysis of the asset-water, the reasoning on the water infrastructure that supports it and the consequent need for its efficiency, is fully part of it. The urban drainage system, made up as follows, consists of a complex network of pipes, mostly underground, installed to collect and dispose, away from civil and production settlements, rainwater or surface runoff and wastewater.

The meteoric runoff, cooling waters deriving from industrial activities, those for irrigation from gardens, parks and spring waters, are considered as white water. They flow into the sewers through urban drainage systems that intercept them while they flow, channeling them into the plumbing drainage system.

Link offers its customers a series of concave and flat grids, in cast iron, designed to collect and flow these waters. They are structured for the use of siphon, equipped with an innovative safety system with snap closure and compliant with EN124-1 / 2: 2015.

GSGEN grids:

- Group 3 - Class C250 starting from size 300x300 up to 700x700

- Group 4 - Class D400 starting from size 500x500 up to 700x700

Our drains have a system of constraint to the frame that uses rotation hinges, allowing the opening and, if necessary, the possible removal of the grids. They are also provided with elastic closing bars: a safety system that prevents accidental opening while allowing regular access for cleaning and maintenance of the collection facilities.

Our drains in class C250, in compliance with the Decree of the Ministry of Public Works, have loopholes with a width of less than mm. 20 for the safety of cycling traffic. The draining surface has been developed to be largely within the regulatory requirements and to favor the normal flow of water.

For more information: Link Industries presents the GSGEN grids


The thermal insulation systems, as we know, are more and more important and they are used both in the redevelopment interventions and in the new realizations. The system rendered facade acts as a shield that protects the envelope from atmospheric agents, from summer heat and winter cold, but also from noise and fire.

In order to be ensured all the advantages of energy saving and thermal-acoustic insulation, the system must be properly applied by specialized personnel, careful to comply with all the design and regulatory requirements, at all steps, from the management building site to the installation.

LINK presents a series of specific stone wool products, developed by Paroc, for rendered facade systems compliant with European standards.

In particular, the LINIO 10 panel  is complies to the requirements for the single stone wool product for the rendered facade system for the ETA issue (European Technical Assessment), in accordance with the provisions of the ETAG 004 Guide: an assessment of suitability for the use of the product, necessary to be able to have the CE certification.

Paroc stone wool panels are suitable for both new buildings and renovations.

For more information, follow the link: Panel PAROC  LINIO 10


We would like to inform you that the new Certificate ISO 9001:2015 is now available on the download area.

The  "Certificate ISO 9001:2015" for the quality management of services according to the new standard: it is a certificate that reflects how we work and what we believe.

The New Certificate is arrived at the revision n. 5, it is clue that shows how we support, for some time, the idea that the Quality Management System is a strategic business decision to improve the performance of each one: a choice enriched, this year, by the transition to ISO 9001: 2015.

We worked to support the goals that we set ourselves, determined to implement our Quality Management System, documented for processes - procedures and responsibilities.

The new ISO 9001:2015 standard required the identification of all the relevant issues and instances internal and external to the organization and which can contribute to achieving the expected results. We have developed the focus on organizational planning: a new requirement that has led us to identify the risks and the opportunities with the potential to influence our operations and our strategic orientation in order  to find new solutions.

A particular interest was directed at the evaluations about the internal resources, focusing on the requirements and capacities of each one. In addition, the clear communication with customers, was a key point of the norm about which we are very committed, not only to have a feedback on the perceived degree satisfaction but also about the market needs and its expectations.


The green areas need to live a lot light  but the excessive exposure to sunlight is one of the major risk both gardens, both crops. To overcome this problem it is usual to use shading net that offer excellent performances: not only an optimal light diffusion, but also a good shielding and privacy protection screen.

It is used to fence and protect building sites, excavations and landfills, such net is also widely used as wind protection, parking coverage, gazebos, balconies and privacy zones. It is made of a uniform and fairly dense fabric covering to be also used as a first line of defense against hail and anti-birds, for the protection of orchards.

Link offers its customers the NET-307G: a shading and shielding mesh woven with HDPE strips and slotted holes along the selvedges, with a 70% darkening factor. The pose is simple and the result is immediate. Some practical devices, however, make the job easier.

For more information, read here


We wait for you in pavilion 4 – stand 11 !!

Paroc launches new Light Marine insulations!

Paroc embarks on a new project called Light Marine. The initiative will provide naval architects and shipyard specifiers with new lightweight solutions for fire insulated decks and bulkheads, suited for weight critical projects.

Download here the brochure with new marine solutions

Merry Christmas!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a new year full of satisfactions, and we infom that the offices and the warehouse will be closed from December 23rd to January 7th.


The building site is a temporary work area in which the construction of a civil engineering work or a building takes place.

This activity is regulated in Italy, particularly, by Legislative Decree 81/2008 as it exposes workers to particularly high risks. In fact, since the design of the area, it is required to focus on safety by adopting an operational methodology focused on a careful assessment of risks. And  about the fence, on 109 Article of Legislative Decree 81/2008, is expressly  indicates how "the yard, in relation to the type of work carried out, must be equipped with a fence having characteristics suitable to prevent access to outsiders". The yard fence thus performs the main function of protecting all those who do not have access to the workplace and therefore be exposed to related risks.

Link is pleased to offer to its customers the NET-311O temporary and mobile, Safety building Yard barrier neting in extruded in HDPE (virgin and recycled) mono-oriented, with an ovoidal mesh 65 x 35 mm, made with first quality polymers. The Link safety net is available in orange or green rolls and with adhesive tape with the word "LAVORI IN CORSO".

For more information read: Focus on safety building yard barrier netting in HDPE

The Pipe Sections : functional, efficient and naturally beneficial

Le Pipe Sections Paroc are on Infobuild news  Show more


It's starting the open house dedicated to sheet metal processing will be held in Catania on 24/25/26 November 2017 from 09:30 to 18:00 at GIANNITRAPANI


Officine Elettro Meccaniche Italiane (OEMI) presents its e-bike concept entirely made in Italy, welded by Link.

The name of the e-bike is OEMI # 0: a mix of technology, design and environmental sustainability.

OEMI # 0 ensures easy rides in all conditions, security, autonomy and maximum customization. OEMI # 0 is the first version of what will be the OEMI signed bicycle pedal.

For more information, visit EICMA, the International Cycle and Motorcycle Expo, to be held in Milan - Fiera Rho, from 7 to 12 November.


......... be free,

November 10 at 15.00 / 23.00 e

November 11 at 9.00 / 18.00

The future of welding awaits you at WELDING GROUP Loc. Chianicella, 25/26 Ceciliano (AR)


Waste management at production facilities is a major issue that significantly affects a company's performance. We therefore like to point that, in Paroc, as per a regular work, it was possible to recycle 85% of the total amount of waste produced in 2016. For more information about the Sustainability Report click  here

The new KEMPPI Fastmig X 8 OUTSET in Verona on October 13-14, 2017

Discover it at

Lippa Srl

Via Monte Pastello, 6

San Giovanni Lupatoto (VR)

We are waiting for you! You will find all the news in the welding world and more also.

See you in Düsseldorf!

After the successful introduction of X8, we wait for you in Düsseldorf at the SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN 2017 Exhibition (25th-29th Sept.) for its official launch on the world market!

New tests for fire protection

New tests for fire protection of steel and concrete with PAROC CGL20cy and PAROC FPS 17.

PAROC has developed two specific products for protection of concrete (PAROC CGL20cy and PAROC FPS 17) and steel (PAROC FPS 17) exploiting the excellent thermal-acoustic and fire protection properties of stone wool.

Concrete - PAROC CGL20cy protects until REI 240 with only 60mm of insulation on whatever type of concrete slab

Concrete and steel - PAROC FPS17  protects until REI 240 with only 20mm of insulation on whatever type of concrete slab and until R 210 whatever type of steal beams and pillars with several thicknesses.

For more information,  send a email at

Absorbent, anti-slip, stain resistant, reusable: not a simple cloth!

In building application painting is an apparently easy and quick operation, however, it requires the adoption of  arrangements that may prove significant for a successful outcome.

The walls must be accurately prepared according to their typology and characteristics: they must be brushed and, in the case of old buildings that have collected dust over the years, possibly even washed. Then plaster over and in proximity of eventual lesions of the wall.

Shaved to ensure flatness. Essential operations that involve considerable production of debris, powders and liquids that can damage the floors.

For this reason as a first useful precaution is to stretch out a protective cloth on the floor to shield it from falling debris, eventual stains and from the frequent passage of dirty shoes. Furthermore this cloth should have a consistency as to safeguard the surface, as far as possible, from accidental impacts: a specific felt that is stretched until the wall’s baseboard on which a construction paper tape can be applied to keep the felt in place.   

For such purpose, Link Industries, offers its clients the  PFR-110/125/150: a professional grade cloth, non-slip, absorbent, reusable, paired with polyethylene film 180g/m2 .

The polyethylene film not only block the creation of stains, but renders the surface less slippery. Paired with the felt cloth it creates a highly performing product, chosen by restructuring firms both for its technical characteristics and for the significant reduction in service times. A well laid professional felt cloth, in fact, enables to save one fourth of the restructuring time, as it reduces to the minimum the final phase, cleaning and restoration.

It is called “Mille Fiori” (a thousand flowers) for the colored dots characteristic of the recycled material, whose raw material is checked by Link in accordance with the REACH Regulation 1907/2006 / EC. Link has chosen, in fact, to operate with qualified suppliers, subject to strict on-the-spot checks and inspections, to request pre-procurement product certifications, and to carry out, in addition, independent verification tests conducted by accredited national laboratories to provide their customers with a "REACH compliant" product.

Thus made, the proposed painting felt, is widely used not only in building applications but also when moving as a packaging membrane

For more information follow the link: Link Industries presents PFR-110/125/150

X8 is starting!

With great pleasure, Link Industries Welding Division presents a series of meetings in order to introduce X8


  • The first meeting is fixed at 8-9 September in Welding Group S.r.l. in Arezzo.
  • The second one at  15-16 September  in our logistics headquarters in Spinetta Marengo (AL)


«Upon a time existed the world of welding and then ... Kemppi created X8! »


For more information please contact us.

       We are waiting!

Tel. +39 0131.216556
Mail :

PAROC on the TOP!

Link offers technical solutions for the insulation with PAROC products.

New yard for a building roof insulated with specific slab PAROC ROS 30 with 

160 candles!

Fratelli Cosulich celebrates its 160th anniversary in 2017. In this occasion, we will host a big party in Genoa on 29th June 2017.

Waiting for you, training X8 Kemppi !!

4 days of training in Kemppi in order to be ready for the X8: an advanced multi-process and multi-voltage solution for professional industrial applications

E-welded fence system

The light confinement fence system is a freestanding structure designed to restrict or prevent the movement beyond a territorial border. It differs from masonry to a lighter composition and for the purpose for which it was designed.

It is a versatile product that can be used to delimit and define in an easy manner gardens, fields and any residential or industrial area preventing access, but not vision.

Link Industries offers its customers a wide range of e-welded fence net, available at stock at the Logistics Center of Alexandria.

The e-welded fence system of Link, adapted to be installed directly on the ground, consists of the following elements in hot galvanized steel or plasticized:

• e-welded fence net  (electrowelded and / or loose knit)

• "T" post,

• L profiled post

• accessories

For more information follow the link: Recinzione leggera di confinamento

GSN 9!!

Link is the Official Sponsor of National Winning Day!

Mesh panel for concrete reinforcement

The indoor and outdoor pavings confer to the flooring surfaces the required degree of finishing, giving the correct loading capacity to the horizontal structures of buildings and, in some cases, to the ground.

Every type of flooring, during the construction of the support element, requires a substrate to lean on that uniformely transmits and distributes the operating loads to the surface. In the Indoor pavings, the substrate consists of a set of layers interposed between the floor slabs and the screed. This is normally used to level the irregularities of the ceiling as well as incorporating and protecting pipes, when used,  contributing in the meantime to its' thermal insulation.

The screed is the support and load distribution layer positioned on site, directly on the substrate. This can be attached or not to the latter, obtaining the mechanical strength and required flatness for the laying of the final flooring.

Link Industries offers to its customers two types of performance solutions: light reinforcement of cement screeds with  the electro-welded screed reinforcement , and anti-scratch substrates made of fiberglass reinforcement net.

For more information, follow the link: Mesh panel  for concrete reinforcement


Regardless of the type or slope, the roof, it is the most crucial external part of the building concerning heat loss and energy efficiency. When, in fact, the heat lost through the roof is reduced, the required amount of energy to heat the entire house is substantially less. 

Paroc has excellent insulation solutions for all different roof types; flat roofs, pitched roofs and joist roofs.

Moreover PAROC ROS and ROB series of flat roof solutions have recently been awarded FM approval 4470, one of the highest safety standards world-wide for buildings. Investors and building owners nowadays often demand FM Global Certificate for the systems being implemented in their buildings in order to protect themselves preventively against fire and forces of nature. Products being awarded with FM Global offer reliable solutions to protect life and property optimally.

More information here


Polished, durable and efficient: galvanized!

Link Industries operates in the market with a complete line of products made of galvanized steel for drainage systems, designed and produced in accordance to high quality standards and in accordance with current regulations: tank cover, light and heavy  duty recessed access cover, access cover, light duty gird and light duty heel proof grating and light duty gully grating.

Read the article!!  Show more

PAROC Hvac Section GreyCoat

Efficiency, durability and aesthetics combined. Paroc presents PAROC Hvac GreyCoat.

Proper HVAC pipework and equipment insulation play a key role in terms of a building’s optimal operation. Therefore, when designing new or protecting existing installations, it is crucial to use certified? and complementary solutions. Paroc, as a leading manufacturer of technical insulations, presents PAROC Hvac GreyCoat – a durable and effective stone wool product designed for visible installations.

Read the article!!  Show more


Link Industries SpA, official Kemppi distributor for the Italian territory, presents the new MINARC CORDLESS 150C, the cordless MMA welding machine, combining lightweight and high welding performances.

Sturdy and reliable, powered with a strong battery, the MINARC CORDLESS 150C represent the best solution when quality and productivity are required and it is designed for easy handling even in tight spaces.  Show more

Expiry of the transition period UNI EN 124:1995

Always attentive to the Standard evolutions LINK INDUSTRIES informs its customers that effective March 31st 2017, the UNI EN 124: 1995 will be finally withdrawn. All the manhole covers and gully gratings in ductile and grey iron produced (and thus labeled) with a production date prior  to march 31st  2017, can be regularly marketed in accordance with the standard of 1995.
All the products that will be manufactured as of April 1st 2017,  can no longer show marks for compliance with UNI EN 124: 1995.
For the same reason LINK INDUSTRIES will withdraw the "old" certificates” and shall provide "new ones" upon request.
Ensuring the continuity and efficiency is, in fact, an essential part of the service LINK INDUSTRIES offers its clients.

Link, that fiber!

The fiber glass net Link make news:

Welding Meeting

Two days of introduction and demo of new products in Spinetta Marengo!!!

"Not only simple underlay "

Link introduces the new non-vapour permeable underlay on: Edilportale e   Archiproduct

If competence is an achievement, the GNS are a great opportunity!

The Italian Institute of Welding reconfirms the ninth edition of the GNS, National Welding Days, at the Congress Centre in the Old Port of Genoa, scheduled during of the next 30 and 31 May.  Show more

Breakthrough for LINK range of accessories

Link Industries Spa strongly believe in high quality products accompanied by relevant certifications as a main value for our customers.

Therefore the range of accessories for marine insulation offered by Link is covered by following certifications:

Module B - Low flame spread M.E.D. Certification according to IMO Res. Msc. 61(67) FTP Code Annex 1 p 2 and 5

Module E (EC quality System Certificate).  Show more

Welding Division presents: MinarcMig Evo 200

MinarcMig Evo 200 is a portable MIG/MAG welder that delivers precise welding quality and arc ignition wherever your work takes you.  Show more

Merry Christmas!!

Glad for our fruitful cooperation during 2016, Link team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
We take the opportunity to inform you that our offices will be closed from December 24 until January 6.

Product of the month for Infobuid!!

PAROC CGL 20cy – stone wool ceiling lamella - has been appointed product of the month by Infobuild, one of the main portals for building and architecture. More information on Infobuild  and  Paroc cgl20cy

Our technical department is at your full disposal for further information.

Are you ready for March 2017?

European Commitee for Standardization approved in 2015
EN 124-1, EN 124-2,  EN 124-3, EN 124-4, EN 124-5, EN 124-6 standards which assume national standard status starting next March 2017 for gully and manhole tops for vehicular and pedestrian areas.

Those standards adopted in all EU countries defined the minimum level of product performance, to supplement the previous normative  EN124:1994, and furthermore impose additional attention to requirements and factory production control, an increase of "Type Test" per model and typology of test as:
- Fire  Resistance;
- Securing of the cover/grating within the frame;
- Child Safety;
- Skid Resistance.

Link Industries is glad to inform of being able to supply, as of now , manholes EN124-1 e EN124-2 compliant, with the new standards for ductile iron manholes and gratings.

For further details:


New  " BUILDING YARD LINE” has kicked off:   specific, performing and safe products, tested not only by the manufacturer but even by national laboratories.

Constantly vigilant on the market request, Link Industries has chosen to enlarge its own range of products with a series of accessories studied to complete the building range.

  • Steel nails on various diameters and lengths
  • Wire bobins in white and galvanized annealed with 2 and 3 couple
  • Black annealed wire colis 25 kg/each
  • PU wheels for barrows
  • Air wheels for barrows
  • Protective felt, non-slip, absorbent and reusable


Experience and technical skill are at your full disposal by contacting our Technical Support Team.

See you at H2O !!!

Link is at H2O fair at Hall 29 - Stand B23 – from the 19th to 21st of October

H2O is the leading Italian trade fair for the water services sector. It’s a unique occasion for discovering today’s innovations and tomorrow’s technologies.

When it comes to H2O, LINK  is there with its SMARTLOCK new-line!


During these days, from the 7th to 10th of September 2016, in Stresa by Lake Maggiore, FESI Autumn Meeting is taking place, organized by Anicta (Association of the biggest Italian thermal- acoustic insulators). FESI gathers the whole world of industrial insulation with 16 European nations represented. LINK INDUSTRIES, member of ANICTA, together with PAROC are participating as a SPONSOR of the event!

Be compliant: quality supports competitiveness


Link Industries, ISO 9001:2008 certified for the services supplied, has always aimed to approach the market as a trusted and technologic partner. Efficacy of its results is granted by a constant support to the customer, technically and commercially speaking, through a dynamic and operative model, based on the highest professionalism of its skilled team and the quality of the traded products.

The main goal of the company is to supply a qualified item that could safeguard both clients and final users

joined with an excellent technical support.

For this reason the building product range proposed, is REACH compliant:

·         NET 3131O/ (HDPE net virgin a recycled yard barrier),

·         CM1/ (polyurethane handbarrow wheels ),

·         DM1/ (inflatable handbarrow wheels),

·         PFR- (Multi-flower Tissue to protect joined with PE).  Show more

LINK INDUSTRIES as PAROC official partner in ITALY

Like every tradition, LINK and PAROC have once again renewed their plural-decennial cooperation agreement for the distribution of stone wool products on the Italian territory for Marine, Industrial and Building insulation market.

Link Industries and Cosulich Group, official importers of PAROC brand, thanks to the active support of PAROC technical and sales staff, confirm their engagement and their investments in order meet all market’s requests in every sector.

Alliance between PAROC brand, acknowledged for its top quality, and Link Industries, with its high technical expertise and market knowledge, has once again proved to be the winning choice.


A7 MIG Welder 450 the state-of-the-art solution!

A7 MIG WELDER 450 represents the top class of robotic welding nowadays available.
Kemppi Oy, a finnish company with a huge experience on arc welding, integrates its offer with a new automatic and smart range aimed at MIG robotic welding.
A7 MIG WELDER 450 is a full kit of processes for the integration with any brand of robot and suitable to all robotic procedures and to any kind of thickness and material. Because of its advanced software, A7 MIG WELDER 450 not only complies with the highest quality and production standards. But it also is suited  for any kind of welding and impressively improves the velocity, production efficiency enabling, through the use of the same equipment, multiple operations.   Show more

H2O tickets

From today are available the free tickets for H2O

Anyone interested can send the request to

We are waiting!

Link Industries "insulates" well on a cruise

Link Industries Spa  scored a commercial success with the acquisition of the  order for MSC Seaside, new generation cruiseship that will be built at Monfalcone shipyards; it is the biggest cruiseship ever built by Fincantieri and it is the first of two twins expected to be delivered in 2017 and 2018.  Show more

«And you Know»


On Tuesday 3rd of May 2016, Link Industries SPA, had the pleasure to organise a meeting with Kemmpi OY board of management and welding Div. dealers at HQ logistic warehouse in Spinetta Marengo (AL).

Link Industries Councillor and Fratelli Cosulich SPA CEO Mr. Andrea Cosulich briefly introduced Link Industries activities and and therefore on the group as whole.  Show more

LAMIERA - Bologna Fair – STAND D10A

The 19th edition of LAMIERA Exhibition, will be held in Bologna Fair, from the 11th to the 14th of May: one of the main international events for welding machinery and technology

LINK will introduce you the main news of the sector!!!!

We are waiting for you at our STAND  D10A - tent 36

IEX Europe 2016

From the 11th to 12th of May  there will be IEX Europe 2016 - Insulation Expo Europe 2016 - in Colonia. 

LINK will take part as PAROC official partner,

see you there!


FastMig X Black Edition

The Link Industries Welding Division is pleased to present the latest series of welding generators.

Top of the Kemppi product range: the Black Edition series is split high reliability, excellent performance and the latest generation technology.

- 4  Configurations Available: Regular - Pipe - Intelligent - Tailored

- Process evolution of the Wise Kemppi

- Total availment of the tablet or mobile welding machine (AMC = Arc Mobile Control)

- Functionality ArcVoltage

- For all materials and thicknesses


Request a free demonstration!!!

Tel. +39 0131.216556
Mail :

Focus KLIMAHOUSE: great interest in PAROC CGL20cy!!!

stone wool lamella for coibentation of ceilings

4 advantages in only one product

- Thermal insulation
- Fire protection
- Sound absorption
- Easy and quick installation



Link Industries Spa shall be present at the  INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION H2O  for the Treatment and Distribution of Drinking Water and Wastewater Treatment, at Bologna Exhibition Centre 19/10/2016 - 21/10/2016

New Newsletter service

With great pleasure we inform that is on the new Newsletter service that allows to receive real-time email with all the news link.

In order to download the communications you need to click on "Iscrizione" through the proper space "Newsletter" that you find on the right column in homepage. Select your preferences and entering the required data, you will receive an email containing the password to access due to a modification profile.

We remember that you can stop the newsletter at any time by following the same instructions that were used for activation by clicking on "Annullamento iscrizione".


We are pleased to inform you that we will participate at the next edition of KLIMAHOUSE,  in Bolzano, from the 28th to the 31st of January 2016.

We are pleased to meet you at the stand B07 / 14

See you soon!


ISO Certificate n° IT09/1042

Link Industries has always had the objective to present itself on the market as a technologic and reliable partner in the areas of building materials, for thermal and acoustic insulation, for welding and for passive fire protection. The effectiveness results are guaranteed by a constant technical and commercial support to customers, through a dynamic business model based on high professionalism of its staff and the quality of products sold, in a context in which customer satisfaction becomes primary strategic objective .
In this perspective, Link Industries is pleased to inform you that a new quality certificate has been issued. The new quality certificate is called certificate ISO 9001: 2008 and it guarantees the quality of the services provided.


Premio Francesco Manzitti

On the 17th of  November, in the Palace of Borsa Valori in Genoa, Paolo Odone, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Amedeo Amato, Director of the Institute of International Economics, have awarded the Francesco Manzitti Premium to Augusto Cosulich and the International Economics  Premium to Lucrezia Reichlin after the conference"The cost of corruption to the global economy - measurement tools and strategies to combat ", moderated by the deputy director of  La Stampa, Francesco Manacorda.

New standard EN 124:2015 Devices crowning and closing for traffic areas used by pedestrians and vehicles

Please be informed that during the month of November the new European regulation EN 124:2015 is expected to be published in the European Journal. The new EN 124:2015 regulation (EN124-1, EN 124-2, EN 124-3, EN124-4, EN 124-5, EN 124-6) concerns manhole covers and devices used for crowning and closing for traffic, areas used by pedestrians and vehicles. 

At that time, both laws, will coexist full valid for a period of about..

   Show more


SMART products for B125 and C250 manhole covers and gully gratings C250 D400, manufactured in full automatic molding line are now available from stock.

Special Events in Link

With great pleasure, Link Industries Welding Division presents a series of meetings at its logistics center in Spinetta Marengo (AL) thought to suggest the major news about manual and automatic welding applications.

The first meeting has been delayed to 25 and 26 September  2015 and it will be dedicated to..  Show more

Open Days at distribution network

Link Industries Welding Division is pleased to announce a series of Open Days at its distribution network, in order to present technological solutions aimed both fulfillment of standards EN 1090 - EN 3834, both to increase the productivity and quality in welding.

The first event is at..  Show more


LINK presents the new solution PAROC Hvac Lamella Mat AluCoat Fix, auto-adhesive lamella mat for thermal and acoustic insulation of ventilation ducts and equipment.

Installation instructions


A correct thermal insulation of industrial equipments is essential for heat loss saving bringing to the owner and to the whole population several advantages:

  • Energy saving.
  • Better efficency and durabilty of the equipment.
  • Savings in mantainance costs.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions.

Paroc offers a wide range of stone wool insulating products studied to optimize..  Show more