In any industrial process or plant, owners or operators want to ensure that their investment delivers optimal functionality, efficiency and, of course, profit. A simple way of increasing the efficiency and performance of a process is to ensure that it is properly insulated. Minimum energy consumption and maximum effective life time of a plant are highly valuable benefits of a well-insulated process.
Thanks to the strict cooperation with customers and experts PAROC research and development ‘s activities in the industrial field have focused on increasing efficiency and functionality of the plant and meeting the strictest quality standards. All PAROC industrial insulation products are CE marked with high quality properties according to technical Insulation Mineral Wool Product Standard EN 14303. The Declaration of Performance (DoP) is the official document to prove the declared properties.
CE Marking makes the market more transparent and free because it ensures that declared product properties are
determined according to harmonized European methods and that producer is controlled by the notified body.
The wide range of PAROC products for industrial insulation, slabs, wired and non-wired mats, pipe sections, bends, with or without coating, allows to easily find the most suitable solution for each requirement of insulation.


Regardless of the kind of application PAROC products meet compulsory requirements of thermal conductivity, fire reaction and dimension stability.
Thermal conductivity according to EN 12667 (slabs and mats) and EN ISO 8497 (pipe sections)
Thermal conductivity is the property of a material to conduct heat and it is evaluated in Lambda. The aim of insulation is reducing heat loss, so lower lambda value means better insulation.
Fire reaction according to EN 13501-1
Class of fire reaction, defined to as Euroclass, is the property of a product to contribute to flame propagation in the very first stages of a fire. PAROC products are non combustible as they belong to Euroclass A1.
Dimensional stability
Dimensional stability is the ability of a material to maintain its original dimensions when subjected to changes in humidity for a long time. Change in thickness, length and width must not exceed 1.0%.
PAROC products maintain their properties of thermal conductivity, non combustibility and dimensional stability during the whole life of the installation.